This breed hails from Galway on the western side of Ireland where it was kept by farmers in small numbers for general use on or around the farm. Duties included carting of peat or manures, and carrying the farmer to market or out hunting. Other breeds such as Thoroughbreds and Arabs were introduced on occasion over the years to improve speed and quality, giving us the Connemara we know today. It is a very versatile breed that crosses extremely well with Thoroughbreds to produce top class hunters, eventers and jumpers. As a pure breed, it has an ability to jump, combined with stamina and a calm temperament, which make it an ideal riding pony for older children or adults. The Connemara mainly comes in black, brown, bay, grey or dun (although most of the duns are buckskins in reality), with some roan, chestnut or palomino dilute. Blue-eyed creams are not accepted for registration. They range from 133 cms. to 148 cms. or just over 14.2h.h.


The English Connemara Pony Society web site:

Address: Glen Fern, Waddicombe, Dulverton, Somerset TA22 9RY   U.K.

Connemaras make wonderful jumpers ........   ......... and very smart family riding ponies.

Lockinge Frederick
Lockinge Frederick











Eastlands Burniebrae
Eastlands Burniebrae


Ponies belonging to Mrs. D. Staveley
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Cocum Fairy Tale
Cocum Fairy Tale owned by Mrs. Janet Pound.
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