This ancient breed was known in the Exmoor area before 1085 and is probably unaltered in type since those times. Numbers have declined over the years to such an extent that the Exmoor is now classified as a Rare Breed. The Exmoor pony has great strength for its size and will easily carry an adult, work in harness or as a pack pony, in spite of the fact that females should not exceed 12.2h.h. while males may reach 12.3h.h. They are always bay or brown in colour with the typical pangar or mealy markings on the muzzle, around the eyes and inside the flanks. No white markings are allowed. All registered stock is inspected and branded when foals. The Exmoor Pony Society has been very careful to preserve the qualities that are essential in this breed for survival on the moor in winter. No trimming of any sort is allowed where ponies are shown in in-hand breed classes.


Exmoor Pony Society web site: www.exmoorponysociety.org.uk 


Address:  Glenfern, Waddicombe, Dulverton, Somerset, TA22 9RY   U.K.



Gillian Farrell's Kieren







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Ridden Exmoor
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Ponies on Exmoor Exmoor pony herd

Exmoor ponies in their native habitat in summer


Murrayton Musk Blossom
and in winter.

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