Fell Ponies.

As with so many of our native breeds, the Fell has been used for all equine purposes in the past, from draught animal, pack pony, to shepherding pony; in fact, as a means of transport whether ridden or driven. Their strength and placid temperament has ensured their popularity has not declined today. They are intelligent, easy to train, with an ability to cope with rough or boggy ground. Being an adaptable breed, they make smart harness ponies. Fells are black, brown, bay or grey in colour and have a wealth of mane and tail for extra protection through the winter. White markings are restricted to a star and a little white on hind fetlocks. They should not exceed 14 h.h.

Fell Pony Society web site: http://www.fellponysociety.org

Address: Ion House, Great Asby, Appleby, Cumbria  CA16 6HD   U.K.


Lowmoat Fiona with foall

Heltondale Lucky Lad 11

Fell mare with foal

Fell stallion

These ponies belong to Mrs. Heidi Sands


Fell pony in harness
Fell ponies make excellent driving ponies

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Lunesdale Mountain Mist
Lunesdale Mountain Mist

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