Highland Ponies

The Highland pony has been an all round servant of the land in Scotland for centuries. Whether employed on farmland, pulling timber from forestry, carting deer off the mountains or as ridden transport, Highlands have proved invaluable. Of sturdy, muscular build, they are sure footed over the roughest of terrain with an inbuilt instinct for avoiding boggy ground. With their calm friendly nature, they prove to be excellent family ponies. Highland ponies have recently been classified as a Rare Breed. Like the Shetland, the Highland pony grows a thick winter coat that, with its long dense mane and tail, protects it from the harsh winter climate. They range in height from 13h.h. to 14.2h.h. and come in a variety of shades of dun, grey, black, brown or bay. The silver dapple colour gene has been recognised in this breed, so ‘liver chestnut with flaxen mane and tail’ is also found. White markings are discouraged and stallions may have no more than a small white star.

 Highland Pony Society web site: http://www.highlandponysociety.com

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Highlands are still used to transport
deer  from remote areas.

Claymore Highlands on the island of Lismore.
Photo courtesy & copyright of Pam Alexander


Kingsmoor Frazer


Kingsmoor Frazer

Kingsmoor Frazer shows his paces as a riding pony. He belongs to Nina Hoad.
With thanks to Janet Pound for sending these photos. She retains the Copyright.