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Horse and Pony Coat Colour

There are a great number of colours, colour combinations and patterns

 to be found in equines , but it is not my intention to illustrate them

 here, only to guide those who are interested in horse coat colour to

 some of the excellent publications that exist, either on the Internet or

in book form.


My 'International Horse Coat Colour Dictionary Online' is

designed to help people living in different parts of the world,

to understand the terminology used in other countries.


A brief description of coat colours, patterns and dilutions, can

be found in the 'Coat Colours Described' pages. My thanks to

Carole Knowles-Pfeiffer for her help on this subject. Also for

her help with the colour poster, available from our 'Sales' page


On the 'Links and Books' page you will find my favourite coat

colour web sites, some with more links to further excellent sites,

and some recommended books on horse coat colour.


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