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The Ladies Hope and Their Shetland Ponies



Little has been written about Lady Estella Hope and her younger sister, Lady Dorothea Hope, who were two of the most important and influential breeders of Shetland ponies. They founded the world’s oldest, continuous stud of Shetlands in the late 19th century.

Ladies Estella and Dorothea Hope bred both standard and miniature Shetland ponies in a wide variety of colours. Their story is remarkable. Two teenage girls who set out with dedication and perseverance to breed the best of ponies, made an extraordinary impact on the breed as we know it today.

This book reveals how they achieved one of the finest herds of Shetlands in the country. Many of their ponies were exported all over the world while others remained in the UK to found or augment other studs.


Perhaps less well-known is the fact that ponies of their breeding influenced other studs to the extent that ponies from their stud appear in the pedigrees of all Shetland ponies originating in the UK. The book contains many illustrations of their ponies from the earliest days and throughout the years of the stud while it was in their ownership.

The book contains stand-alone Appendices where breeders can find information on all the family lines bred by the Ladies Hope.


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