Mushroom  -  a Recently Recognised Dilution

The Firth/Annandale Connection

The Firth Stud bred a number of mushroom coloured foals from a herd of mainly chestnut & cream chestnut dun ponies. They were registered variously as "cream", "dark cream" & "roan", often with "silver mane & tail".  It can be seen that the Firth ponies were very closely bred & most included Annandale ponies that traced to Avening & South Park lines, as does Lockinge Lucky Clover. We used FIRTH HONEYCLOVER on a number of different coloured mares, including black & bay, but only 2 mares (both chestnut base colour, produced mushroom coloured foals. Firth Glenclova has 4 crosses of Caf au Lait whereas Firth Honeysuckle does not have any. Both Glenclova & Honeysuckle trace to Avening Jupiter.

 Kellas Charmion, chestnut dam of Kellas Chink of Gold & Kellas Chiffon, traces to Houlland, Avening and South Park lines. She has 4 crosses of Avening Jupiter & 7 of Caf au Lait.

 Grimpowood Tammy is cream chestnut dun, tracing to Houlland & South Park lines. Her sire is Grimpowood Bailey's Original, a mushroom dun but described as "light dun". 

Firth Honeyclover
cream chestnut dun, flaxen mane & tail
Firth Glenclova
cream chestnut dun
Honeyclover of Methven
cream chestnut dun
Kirkbride Honeycomb

Lockinge Lucky Clover
cream dun

Gigha of Annandale
chestnut, light mane & tail
Remony Holm     chestnut
(traces to Houlland lines)

Falaise of Annandale

Firth Honeysuckle
chestnut, flaxen mane & tail
Honeyclover of Methven
cream chestnut dun
Kirkbride Honeycomb

Lockinge Lucky Clover
cream dun

Golden Fern of Annadale
chestnut, white mane & tail
Golden Ducat of Annandale

Fetlar of Annandale   black


Firth Honeyclover. Does not have black on knees in reality. Mane & tail are flaxen.


Grimpowood Tammy with Kellas Trinket, dun, at birth, by Firth Honeyclover

Kellas Trinket in winter coat, similar to summer colour. Mane & tail have dark hair throughout.


Trinket's face acquired considerable roaning over the years, giving the appearance of a blaze.

Kellas Torquil, dun, full brother to Trinket, at birth.


Kellas Torquil as an adult. He has a liver coloured dorsal stripe

Kellas Chink of Gold. Honeyclover x Kellas Charmion (chestnut mare below)


Kellas Chiffon. Honeyclover x Kellas Charmion (chestnut mare with Houlland & Avening lines).


Kellas Chiffon in winter coat. Tested for red & silver factors at the Swedish University at Uppsala. Proved genetically chestnut, negative for silver.


Kellas Charmion, dam of Chiffon & Chink of Gold. Her mane & tail are flaxen, not white.

Grimpowood Tammy    cream chestnut dun, near white mane & tail Grimpowood Bailey's Original
dun (a light mushroom dun)
Sabre of Chetwynd    cream chestnut dun  Rusty of Houlland   chestnut

 Speyside Golden Dawn   cream. Foal reg. chestnut

Barrel Edge Tulip   liver chestnut

Earl of North-Wells    black

Taitswell Goldie    chestnut

Hardwicke Dinky   chestnut dun Bogs Recovery   grey roan & white Recovery of Berry  blue & white

Bogs Golden Reve  chestnut

Hookerswell Cheyanne    blue dun Bogs Golden Chiro    chestnut

Hookerswell Dawn    dun, black points

Speyside Golden Dawn, Bogs Golden Reve & Bogs Golden Chiro trace to Houlland lines. Hookerswell Cheyanne traces to South Park lines. Grimpowood Bailey's Original has 4 crosses of Caf au Lait in his pedigree while Hardwicke Dinky has an astonishing 13 crosses of Caf au Lait plus 2 of Avening Jupiter.
Kellas Torquil was used on 2 mares, 1 black & 1 mushroom. The black mare had a black foal & the mushroom mare had a mushroom foal. Trinket has thrown chestnut dun or chestnut to a chestnut stallion & a mushroom foal to a mushroom stallion. Chiffon had a mushroom foal to a mushroom stallion.

Grimpowood Replica

 Grimpowood Replica (a son of Grimpowood Bailey's Original) is now in Holland with Evaline de Gruyter who kindly sent this picture

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