Mushroom  -  a Newly Recognised Dilution



Inspiration of Duke Stable


Inspiration of Duke Stable
Inspiration with chestnut foal

 The photos of Inspiration & Adam v. Spuitjesdom are Copyright of Eva Beun, Stal de Groenkamp



Adam van Spuitjesdom


Vorden Buddleia  Chestnut

Hugo of Longacre Chestnut, flax. m. & t. Fairy Regent  Brown roan
Chatsworth Blossom Black
Park View Betty Boo Cream chestnut Thor of Houlland Chestnut
Linaria of Shergold Chestnut

Chatsworth Blossom  Black

Floristan  Brown Cherubino  Brown
Fairy Fleurette
Ballet Dancer Dark brown Ballito  Bay
Belle Ballerina  Piebald


Asterisk of Duke Stable


Vorden Buddleia  Chestnut

Hugo of Longacre  Chestnut, flax. m. & t. Fairy Regent   Brown roan
Chatsworth Blossom Black
Park View Betty Boo  Cream chestnut Thor of Houlland  Chestnut
Linaria of Shergold Chestnut

Ellbrook Maggie May  Chestnut

Thor of Houlland  Chestnut Gold Dust of Berry  Chestnut
Nutkin  Bay
Avening Clara   Chestnut Hookhill Glory  Chestnut
Newtown Cleo  Chestnut

   Adam van Spuitjesdom
Adam van Spuitjesdom


Tetske v.d. Klostersweide      Tetske v.d. Klostersweide

            Tetske v.d. Klostersweide
These photos of Tetske are Copyright of Janny Sorensen, Stjernen


Ostler van de Mortel NL-S 816148


Harvey St. de Veldtmaat NL-S 804249 Adam v. d. Spuitsjesdom NL-S 961
Daphne V. St. de Veldmaat NL-S 102612
Ilonca v.d. Mortel NL-S 113520 Chris V.D. Provincialeweg NL-S 1052
Dominca V. St. de Toekomst NL-S 101609

Olivia v.d. Klostersweide NL-S 130803

Kristof v.d. Bolster NL-S 807629 Adam v.d. Spuitsjesdom NL-S 961
Felicia L.H. NL-S 105367
Hanneke v.d. Klosterweide NL-S 110715 Don v.d. Baatehof NL-S 1074
Trix v.d. S NL-S 91647

Ostler v.d. Mortel      Ostler v.d. Mortel 
Ostler v.d. Mortel unclipped and, about 2 years later, newly clipped.
These photos of Ostler are Copyright of Eva Beun, Stal de Groenkamp



Ruby v. Tyeslemore
Ruby v. Tyeslemore 
The photo of Ruby is Copyright of the Voskuil Family Tyeslemore

Expensive van Bromishet
Chestnut, flaxen mane & tail
Parlington Pimpernel
Chestnut, flaxen mane & tail
Sedgehill Pickles Chestnut
Parlington Caramel  Brown
Sunrise van Spuitjesdom  Chestnut Cola of Little H   Chestnut
Wakeful of Marshwood  Bay
Marieke van Stal de Vosberg   Chestnut Guus van 't Eind  Chestnut with roaning
Traces to Vorden Buddleia
Ferrie van Stal Vosberg Traces to Vorden Buddleia


Wakeful of Marshwood is out of Kittiwake of Marshwood 5569 who was by Firebird x Kitten of Houlland (1 cross of Café au Lait & 1 of Silver Fox).

Cola of little H was by Avening Cock of the North (chestnut) x Avening Chloe (chestnut).

Parlington Caramel traces to Houlland lines through Gleam of Houlland, a full sister to Helga of Houlland (see Houlland Connection)

Vorden Buddleia (chestnut) comes into a number of mushroom pedigrees and also traces to Houlland lines.


Willy v. d. Westerbrink
Willy is owned by Erica Pihlajamaa
Photo is Copyright of Mataleena Pesonen

Roshwen v.d. Slotweg
Roshwen v.d Slotweg (foal is not Willy)

Kevin v.d. Reenhof NL-S 0807707 Chestnut Expensive v. Bromishet NL-S 1104
Chestnut, flaxen mane & tail
Parlington Pimpernell NL-S 892 Chestnut, flaxen mane & tail
Sunrise v. Spuitjesdom NL-S 90436
Cecielia v.d. Reenhof  NL-S 0100700 Winston v. d. Viersprong NL-S 934 Chestnut
Sandra v. Holwierde NL-S 0090592
Roshwen v.d. Slotweg Palomino Barflat 20th Century Boy NL-S 801556 Palomino Barflat Golden Carrisma SPSB 3892 Chestnut
Shirehill Peaches and Cream SPSB 14010 Palomino
Wild White Clover of Clonyard NL-S 0103208 Cream ches. dun Park View Rustey SPSB 3052 Chestnut
Chloe of Clonyard SPSB 11837 Cream ches. dun


Winston v. d. Viersprong traces to Tuppence of Houlland 5546. Parlington Pimpernal, Sunrise v.d. Spuitjesdom, Barflat 20th Century Boy & Wild White Clover of Clonyard all trace to Houlland lines (see "Houlland Connection" page) so trace to Café au Lait.

Chloe of Clonyard was out of Avening Cilla 7183 who traces to Silver Fox & Café au Lait 886 mentioned in the South Park Connection at the foot of page 4, Gletness Connection.

Willy has a palomino parent & was registered as a palomino as a foal but her colour does not resemble the crème dilution.


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