New Forest

Ponies have been recorded in the New Forest since prior to 1016. A number of different breeds were introduced to improve the type over the centuries, but nowadays no outside blood is allowed and a uniform type of pony is produced. New Forest ponies make ideal family ponies, as they are very versatile. Of riding type, they can carry an adult or go well in harness and are fast, active and sure-footed. They come in most colours other than broken colours or blue-eyed cream and vary in height up to 147 cms. or just over 14.2h.h. There is no lower height limit.


New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society web site:

Address: Randallís Farm, Burley Street, Ringwood, Hants.  U.K.







                          Playing polo ..........

Side saddle








            carrying side saddle ..............        

In harness







                               in harness ............

Under saddle







   or under saddle, they suit most purposes.       


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Moorcorner Minstrel 11
Moorcorner Minstrel 11 owned by Mrs. Janet Pound
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