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The Conval hills from Tombreck Farm in autumn


Shetland ewe & lambs
View near Aberlour, Banffshire
North Scotland

Books & Leaflets on Shetland Ponies

'Shetland Ponies From Shetland' by
Margaret Hunter. Price: 19.30

'Shetland Ponies' by Valerie Russell
Price: 17

'Care & Management of Shetland Ponies'  
Society booklet. Price: 3.25

Prices include postage & packing from
The Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society
Shetland House, 22 York Place, Perth

Yearling colts at play
Yearling colts at play

Full colour posters of Shetland ponies. Identification pictures of 24 colours, shades and patterns. Great help to people filling in equine passports. 2.50 +postage.

Shetland Pony poster

Order from Beth Mead, Tombreck Farm, Carron, Aberlour, Banffshire AB38  7QP
2.50 + 1 postage & packing for U.K.
Discounts on 10 or more.


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  Blackhills - world renowned  rhododendron
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Shetland lambs
Shetland lambs from our flock


As above available at 5 for 1 + postage.
Please e-mail for details


We have used Barrier H with great success. Saves hours of digging, can be used all year round, & you only spray each plant, not the whole field. Death to plants within hours, but claims to be made from non toxic ingredients.


Shetland lamb
Shetland lamb from our flock

Superb magazine for Mountain & Moorland pony enthusiasts, with illustrated breed profiles and news of all the British native pony breeds. Available by subscription only.

Did you know that ALL equines (all horses, ponies, donkeys etc.) must have applied for Passports by the end Feb. 2005? Even old ones! Regardless of why they are kept, whether they are only pets or lawnmowers, they must each have a passport issued by an official issuing office. The passport contains all the known information about the equine plus a map of its colour & markings. Registered equines should apply to their relevant stud book society. Those kept merely as pets or which have no registration can apply to the Donkey Breed Society  or to the Veteran Horse & Pony Society . This is now law and owners without correct passports for their ponies or donkeys, risk a fine of 5,000. It is illegal to sell or transfer any equine without one.



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