Here are some Shetland ponies enjoying their work around the world.
Have you a photo of your Shetland pony working outside the U.K,?   If so,
please e-mail it to me. Photos are copyright of their owners

Lily Tromp with Winnetou
Winnetou van Carpe Diem in Holland
belonging to
H. Hut & driven by Lily Tromp.


Seonees Pirate treasure
Seonees Pirate's Treasure in Australia
belonging to Carolyne Stuart


Winnetou & Dustin
Winnetou & Dustin van Carpe Diem in tandem
owned and driven by H. Hut


Aart van de Kamp's team
Aart van de Kamp's European Trials Champion team from Holland
Photo Kees van Loon


Wonja van Abbenes & Craker van Bunswaard
Wonja van Abbenes & Craker van Bunswaard owned by Marcus & Angela Glatthaar in Switzerland


Wonja van Abbenes
Wonja van Abbenes in Switzerland
owned & driven by Angela Glatthaar

Hedegaardes Elvis
Hedegaardes Elvis going through his paces at stallion assessment
owned by Anette & Jergen Nielsen in Denmark


Cotswold Bexley Heath

Cotswold Bexley Heath enjoying himself. Owned by Craig & Catherine Crosado in New Zealand.


Kirsty Odri & Harley

Kirsty & Harley on the beach

Shady Glen Brave Star is the perfect pony for Kirsty Odri (aged 8 years)  in NSW, Australia