Stud History

The first Kellas Stud was founded in 1907 by my grandfather, George Christie, who at that time used no prefix. The earliest ponies, purchased from Robert Mackenzie's famous Earlshall Stud, were, mainly, medium sized blacks, although he bred a 32" stallion called Black Duke 589 which was exported to Brazil in 1912.

In 1920, my grandfather moved with his family and ponies, to the newly built Kellas House. After the First World War and with the coming Depression, like so many other breeders at the time, he stopped registering his foals. However, the herd flourished and he kept between 45 - 50 ponies at Kellas. One of the last registered ponies to be bred and retained by him, was the black stallion, Padrig 825 who had a part-time summer job rolling the tennis court (see below).

George with some of his ponies
George Christie with some of his ponies  -  in 1912

Padrig 825 on tennis court duty

By the time the present Kellas Stud was founded, there were no ponies left at Kellas and none of the bloodlines were traceable, but I was able to register the prefix.

Driving pony
My grandmother with her driving Shetland

Pony and sledge
One of my uncles sledging. About 1910

The present Kellas Stud was founded about 45 years ago with the purchase of a small chestnut in-foal filly, Chelone of Shergold. Most of my miniature chestnut ponies trace to her. Many are also descended from the chestnut 37" stallion, Brackla Flash Harry 62B, by Avening Coronaldo. Descendents of Harry and Chelone have been exported to many countries around the world.