the 'Golden Oldies'

This page is dedicated to the older generation of Shetlands.

Do you have an elderly registered Shetland pony? How old is the oldest Shetland in the world? Help us to find out by sending a photo with details, including registered name and number, age, and owner's name. Photos of Shetlands, past or present, over the age of 25 years will be welcome.

Odin of Ashdene

Goldenfields Mignonette & Essenside Goldfinger

Odin of Ashdene 377G Born: 1972
Owned by Jaqy Halstead
(Photo J. Halstead)

Goldenfields Mignonette Vol.76 Born: 1975 & Essenside Goldfinger Vol.77 Born: 1976. Both belong to Sue Rayner & Geoff Brown (Photo S.. Rayner)

Seva Little Lord
Seva Little Lord 3314  Born: 1979. Owned by Sheila Wilmott (Photo S. Wilmott)


Below are some of the old friends of the past.

Moritz             Moritz
MORITZ aged 50 years! He was a black gelding from Germany, owned by Sonje Schmitt.  Moritz was born in May 1954 & died in December 2004.
His sire was Littlestoke Blackie & his dam was Harviestoun Selma. (Photos
S. Schmitt)

Mountross Tom Thumb
Mountross Tom Thumb 3070  1975 - 2002
Owned by S. WIlson, Mingulay Shetland Stud
(Photo S. Wilson)





Fireblaze of Marshwood
Fireblaze of Marshwood Vol.75  1974- 2002
Owned by Seeonee Stud, Australia
(Photo Mrs. B. Myers)

Kirkbride Guardian
Kirkbride Guardian 2211  1965 - 1996
(aged 29 years in photo)

Owned by the Kellas Shetland Pony Stud

     Prima Donna of Kellas - an influential mare in the stud
   Prima Donna of Kellas 1091B  1969 - 1997
  Owned by the Kellas Shetland Pony Stud

Brackla Flash Harry
Brackla Flash Harry 62 B  1964 - 2002
(aged 37 years in photo)
Owned by the Kellas Shetland Pony Stud

Chelone of Shergold, our foundation mare
Chelone of Shergold 6319 1965 - 1995
(aged 30 years in photo)
 Kellas Shetland Pony Stud foundation mare

Nutmeg of Dalmary

Schore of Kellas

Nutmeg of Dalmary Vol.75  1974 - 2003
Owned by H. Bredenhoff, Holland (Photo H.Bredenhoff)

Schore of Kellas 2392 1969 - 1998
(bay stallion aged 2 in photo)
Owned by the Kellas Shetland Pony Stud

Linda RS 945
Linda RS 945  1975 - 2005 (aged 30 in photo)
Owned by Kristin Johansson & Jeanette Skog, Sweden. (Photo
K. Johansson)