The Stud-Book  -  part 2

The foundation stock of the stud-book register was strongly influenced by ponies bred by the Marquis of Londonderry. Not only did the Shetland Island breeders use his stallions, but other U.K. breeders soon started to buy mares and stallions from the Londonderry herd.  One stallion, Prince of Thule 36, although owned by Lord Londonderry but not bred by him, comes into many pedigrees and was used primarily on daughters and granddaughters of Jack 16.

Prince of Thule
Prince of Thule 36 (breeding unknown)  36"


Seaweed 333  35.5". Bred by the Ladies Hope.
By Oman 33 out of a mare (descended from Jack 16)
by Oman 33. Oman (34") was by Prince of Thule 36.


Thoreau 392  38". Bred by the Ladies Hope he was by Odin 32
 (by Jack 16) out of Thora 212 who was by Odin 32 and out of
a mare that had two crosses of Jack 16


Ferdinand & Cuckoo
Ferdinand 1307 (37.5") and Cuckoo 1536 (39").
Both cream chestnut duns bred by Lady Estella Hope.
Both descend from Prince of Thule 36 and have
several crosses of Jack 16

Helmet of Earlshall
Helmet of Earlshall 408  39". Bred by R. W. R. Mackenzie

Silverton of Transy
Silverton of Transy 519  35" - an influential son of Seaweed 333 above. Bred by W. Mungall


Four South Park ponies
Four ponies, Britta, Odin, Sigfus & Thora from the stud of Lady Estella Hope. The picture was taken by Maude A Craigie Halkett for "Black & White Budget" in about 1900.

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